Exhibit Design

In many instances, a design is sold on the promise that the vision on the page will become a reality. Too often, the promise becomes a well intended attempt that simply falls short. Loran does not settle for good intentions.

Loran's designs are a true to life representation of the final product. Every detail and feature seen in your original design is brought to life by our fabricators.

The ability to turn a vision into a reality can be attributed to the intricate workings of our project teams. Our designer works directly with our detailers and construction managers to ensure their designs are realized.

Behind the Scenes at Loran

Have you ever wondered how a Loran environment goes from an idea to a reality? Our video takes you behind the scenes while we prepare for CES, one of the largest shows in the country.

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Recent Clients


G-Shock and renowned graffiti artist Eric Haze celebrated their successful collaboration at G-Shocks’s 30th Anniversary Event with product staging by Loran Associates. Producer: Eric Haze; Director: Sam Cole; Sound Designer: Dorian at Brukkout Records.