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Attention Attractors – Audio Visual Trends for Trade Show Exhibits

At a trade show, every exhibitor is competing for the time and attention of attendees. The purpose of your trade show display is to attract and engage to best present your product, service or message.  By creatively utilizing audiovisual technologyyou can make sure your trade show booth is memorable.

Video Arrays

Large scale video screen arrays offer clear visual images and the flexibility to create unique experiences.   Screens can be arranged in a wall format and linked to create the appearance of one large screen.  Placed side to side, screens can be programmed to play in a sequence, inviting visitors further into your trade show booth – video that “travels” from screen to screen is arresting and attention grabbing.


LCD screens

In the past few years, LCD (liquid crystal display) screens have decreased in price, making them preferred over plasma screens for tradeshow exhibits.  LCD screens are thinner and lighter, which translate into lower shipping costs and less environmental impact.   Although they consume about half the power of a plasma screen, LCDs offer consistently high visibility at all lighting levels.  The glossy, reflective screen and reduced brightness of a plasma screen can make it hard to view in bright areas.


Holographic Projections

It may not be possible to display your product or service in your trade show booth due to size or safety considerations, but a holographic projection can solve that.  The wow factor a hologram creates is an added benefit.  Images appear to be three dimensional when viewed with the naked eye – no goofy glasses are needed.

Holograms can be projected into a viewing area or a viewing kiosk can be designed to integrate into your trade show exhibit.  Visitors can see your product from all angles and see it in action as well.  The wow factor will generate buzz and draw people to your exhibit.

Live Streaming

Instead of playing video content on an endless loop, companies are capitalizing on what is happening at that moment and streaming it live.  Things that are happening “right now” have a sense of immediacy and urgency.  Viewers are the first to see what is happening and, unless it is replayed, will be the only ones.  Because it is live, viewers feel that they are seeing something that is more real than recorded video.

There are many opportunities for live streaming.  Presentations being given in a space with limited seating can be streamed to other areas of your exhibit.  A demonstration which is not possible in your space can be given in another location, outside for example, and live streamed to your trade show exhibit.  Man-on-the-street interviews from other locations or even from the trade show floor can be fun and often amusing.

Interactive Experiences:

Advancements in technology have allowed a more interactive experience with attendees.  As opposed to watching a canned video or presentation, attendees can interact with customized software solutions created to provide a deeper, more personal experience to educate and promote products and services.  Touchscreen display presentations and live action experiences provide a more engaging approach to exhibiting.


To determine which elements will work best within your trade show display, contact design and fabrication professionals Loran Associates.  With an in-house A/V team, Loran will be able to recommend A/V solutions to engage attendees with innovative solutions while educating them on your products and services.