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Top 5 Factors to Consider For Your Trade Show Exhibit Purchase

Purchasing a trade show exhibit for your company is an important decision. A trade show booth is a representation of your company, product and brand. While there are many factors to consider, I’ve compiled a list of the top factors to help narrow the process.

    The workmanship and quality of a display cannot be faked.  Inexpensive booths purchased online might look good for the first show, but won’t last through additional ones.  A quality trade show exhibit should be able to last four-to-five years.  A tight budget should not affect your need for a quality exhibit.  Ask your exhibit company about custom trade show display rentals.  Custom rentals provide the quality of a new, custom-built exhibit with lower cost payment options.
    The cost of a trade show exhibit extends beyond the cost of the booth itself.  Shipping, drayage, and I&D costs must be factored in, as well as non-show expenses like storage and refurb.  Ask questions like, “How long will the exhibit take to set?” or “How heavy will it be?” to truly determine your overall per show costs.  Also, request a cost summary sheet from your exhibit company to determine annual costs for refurbishment and storage. See if there are incentives your exhibit company will include with a new purchase, such as free storage for a determined amount of time.  No matter how amazing it looks, any custom trade show display is worthless if you can’t afford to get it to the show floor.
    There’s no doubt your exhibit should make a visual impact, but it also need to be functional.  Be clear with your exhibit company when specifying your in-booth needs (such as product areas, meeting rooms and a/v), as well as varying configurations your booth will need to adapt to.  The layout of a 10’ x 20’ linear is different than a 30’ x 30’ island, but an experienced booth designer should be able to provide you with the same functionality for both.
    Purchasing a trade show exhibit, or custom rental, and having it meet all your expectations requires a strong line of communication between yourself and your exhibit company.  Finding the right exhibit company to be able to brain storm with, and one that welcomes client input and recommendations, is essential in making your exhibit purchase a positive and enriching experience.  Ask for client referrals, or call current customers to get feedback.
    There is no substitute for an exhibit fabrication company proficient in creating quality, functional trade show exhibits.  Look for a firm with experience in various types of displays, and ask to see examples of their past concept designs compared to the finished product.  If there is no difference, then you are dealing with an experienced design company.  Your exhibit company should guide you through the purchasing process seamlessly.  They will know what will work best for your space, as well as which design elements will best meet your needs.

Purchasing a new trade show exhibit can seem like a daunting task, but finding the right exhibit company should make your experience seem not only easy, but fun as well.  Loran Associates has been providing exhibit design and fabrication for more than 20 years to hundreds of clients nationwide.  Check out their portfolio to see the quality work Loran has done, and to get an idea of the incredible things they can do for you.