Make The Most Of Your Trade Show Exhibit

trade show exhibit

Let’s face it, tradeshows are expensive.  There are big costs like space rental and little ones like freebies, but they all add up.  You want to make sure that your trade show exhibit returns the investment

Inc. Magazine offers these tips for making the most of your trade show:


Manning the exhibit at a show is only a small part of the work that needs to be done for a successful show.  Months prior, identify your goals for the show, whether it’s acquiring leads, performing product demonstrations or giving interviews with the media. 


Making appointments in advance with important customers or prospects will make sure you get to interact with those most important to your business.    Send invitations to attendees draw them to your tradeshow exhibit.  Consider offering a gift for those who stop by.   A Georgia Southern University study found that invitations including the promise of a gift yielded more traffic than those with a coupon or no offer.


Choose your booth staff wisely.  Attractive models might be eye catching, but they don’t know your business.  Your choices for staffing should reflect the types of people attending the show.  For example, if there are a lot of engineers in attendance, be sure you have your company’s engineers at the booth to talk with them in their language.

Train your trade show booth staff to determine who are good prospects and what to do with those that are.  Instead of engaging in small talk or a sales pitch, staff should ask leading questions about why the person is there, what they do at their company and if your product is a good fit for them.  Only qualified prospects should be offered a product presentation.


You don’t need your staff wasting time on people who are not your customers.  Your graphics should make it clear who you are and what you do.   A visitor should be able to determine what you are selling and if it applies to them in the few seconds it takes for them to walk by your exhibit.   Clear and concise graphics using text and images will tell your story.


A small booth taking up the minimum amount of space required is easy to miss.  Go bigger and you will increase your chances of being noticed.  A larger booth and dynamic booth design will separate you from the smaller companies who spent the minimum amount on the show.


Always contact everyone who visited your booth shortly after the show.  A letter or e-mail is appropriate for those that you had minimal contact.   For hot prospects consider a personalized package with a small gift.


Take a look at the number of leads you gained from the show and how you did in relation to your goals.   This will give you an idea of what worked and if things need to be changed.  It will also help you measure performance against other shows.

Keeping the above in mind when planning your trade shows will maximize your investment.  Loran Associates’ exhibit design and fabrication team can also help you with the knowledge and expertise to craft an exhibit that will showcase your company and products.

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