Incorporating Technology Into Your Trade Show Exhibit

The incredible advances in technology over the past few years have changed almost every aspect of the developed world, and trade shows are no exception.  From displays to custom apps, new and emerging technologies can be incorporated into trade show exhibits to draw visitors and to enhance their experiences. 


If there is one technology that was made for trade show displays, it is touch screens.   They allow visitors to interact with presentations, request information, and view demos and for booth staff to quickly retrieve or enter information.


Touch screens can be incorporated into standing displays or used by visitors as they walk your exhibit to help with navigation and deliver information. 


By reducing or eliminating printed materials, touch screens are environmentally friendly and save money.   The information they contain can be adapted to the show or even the user.  Though not a replacement for trade show booth staff, touch screens can handle many of the staff’s tasks, freeing them to interact with booth visitors.


RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology allows data to be transmitted wirelessly and automatically through radio frequency electromagnetic fields.  A RFID tag is embedded into an object and, as that object passes near a reader, the information is transmitted.  Many trade shows are incorporating RFID tags into badges.  Exhibitors then place readers at locations within their exhibits and can track how visitors are moving through and interacting with their booths. 

RFID tags can also be imbedded in exhibits to send information to attendees cell phones, which act as the reader.  This can trigger images to be displayed or videos to play on monitors.  It also allows a visitor to have a completely custom experience as the information they receive depends on where they are within the exhibit.


Very few people are without a smartphone these days and most rely on it for many aspects of their lives including communication, organization, education, entertainment, and socializing.   A custom smartphone app allows visitors to obtain your information, which will remain on their devices or they can download it to another device.  Adding an entertaining component such as a game makes it more likely that the user will hang onto the app, keeping you top of mind.

Incorporating social media sharing within the app can increase exposure by encouraging users to share their experiences with the app and your trade show exhibit.  The more your information is shared, the more exposure you will get.


Digital displays can be used in multiple ways to enhance your trade show display.  Displaying your graphics digitally instead of with traditional printed materials lets your visitors know that you are in step with current technology and are a forward thinking company. 

Although initial equipment costs may be greater, digital displays eliminate the need for printing of new graphics for every show, saving money in the future.  They also reduce the need for graphics to be shipped for each show.  And because there is nothing to be printed, there is no lead-time.  


The most exciting thing about digital graphics, however, is their adaptability.  Different shows might attract different audiences and you can easily tailor your graphics to appeal to the group at hand.  You can even update your display with new graphics each day of the show to highlight different elements of your product line or company.  A current event that relates to your offerings can be featured as soon as it happens to emphasize your timeliness and relevance.

Technology cannot, and should not, replace face-to-face interaction.   As a complement to it, however, technology is invaluable.  It saves time, money and the environment and can handle some of the grunt work leaving your staffers with more time to engage.  Loran Associates are experts at incorporating the latest technology into spectacular trade show booth designsContact us to see what we can do for you.

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