Finding the Right Custom Exhibit House

The creation of a custom trade show display is an important element in your marketing strategy.  Attention needs to be paid to functionality, modularity and aesthetics. Ensuring your booth is the right balance between innovation and practicality is key.  Finding the right exhibit design and fabrication company for the task is just as important.  With so many options out there, below are some tips to finding the right company for you.

  • Location, Location, Location: The internet has allowed companies across the globe to work together seamlessly.  The exhibit design and fabrication of a custom trade show exhibit however, is a situation where accessibility to your exhibit house is ideal.  Design input meetings, progress meetings, and booth previews are vital components to ensuring you are getting the exhibit you envision.  A trade show exhibit house within a few hour’s drive is a perfect scenario.
Loran Associates fabrication shop
  • Research:  Perform a Google search and research tradeshow exhibit companies.  Look at examples of their work, and find past builds that appeals to you.  Most importantly, find a company that has custom trade show booth experience with various booth sizes and configurations that span many industries.  You want to ensure the company builds custom trade show exhibits in-house, and does not sub out to other companies.  This will keep costs low, and ensure you are getting what you are paying for.
Fabrication work in progress
  • Industry Associations:  While you’re online, check out some industry associations, many have supplier directories to help narrow down some of your choices.  Here are a few to get you started:
  • Show Floor:  By far the best place to find a good tradeshow exhibit company is right on the show floor.  Walking the halls pre-show and talking to people whose booths you like is the perfect way to kill many birds with one stone.  In most cases, you can speak to a representative of the exhibit company right there, and can get a firsthand account of their services.
Completed projects on the show floor
  • Word Of Mouth:  Talk to people in the industry and find out their experiences.  Find associations in your industry that cover exhibit and event management (HCEA, for instance, is ideal for those in the Healthcare industry), and participate in their annual vendor showcases.
An exhibit with meeting area

Once you have narrowed down your choices, create an RFP to select the right company for you.  Many RFPs involve the company coming to your facility to present.  I, however, feel it’s vastly more important to visit the vendor location.  Ensure they have the man-power and facility to handle your exhibit program.  This will create a level of comfort that is intangible in this industry, and essential in ensuring a successful trade show exhibit experience.

Purchasing a new trade show exhibit can seem like a daunting task, but finding the right exhibit company should make your experience seem not only easy, but fun as well.  Loran Associates has been providing exhibit design and fabrication for more than 20 years to hundreds of clients nationwide.  Check out their portfolio to see the quality work Loran has done, and to get an idea of the incredible things they can do for you.

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