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The Key to a Successful Exhibit Program


Trade show exhibit managers face with various tasks throughout their workday from analyzing the right trade shows for their company to coordinating the sales staff to man the exhibits. As piles of paperwork cross their desks, and unread emails numbers reach an unquantifiable level, wouldn’t it be nice to delegate some of these responsibilities? 

Among the vast offering of tradeshow exhibit companies, most now offer a “turn-key” exhibit service that streamlines your exhibit program from exhibit design and fabrication to storage and all the details in-between. Let’s face it; some of the paperwork and details that come with exhibiting are tedious, albeit essential for ensuring a successful, budget-friendly trade show. Let’s dive into some of these offerings and determine if a turn-key solution is for you.

Every exhibit company should offer you the basic services as part of their exhibit program that includes: design, detailing, fabrication and preview. While each company has a different turn-key program, here are some of the offerings available to you:

  • Show Services: Show books can be intimidating. There’s a lot of information to sort through, and while online accessibility has lessened the shock of receiving a seven-pound book in the mail, it’s still a time consuming task. Show service coordinating is one of the most beneficial aspects of turn-key exhibiting. Your exhibit company will coordinate all the services, complete the forms and ensure you hit all your early discount dates as part of this solution. Who better to ensure you have ordered enough electrical and placed it properly than the company who built the exhibit?
  • Show Service Reconciliation: It takes a pile of Tylenol and an open schedule to begin to make your way through some of the show service bills that come in. Pages and pages of charges and fees, it’s impossible to tell if these charges are accurate. As part of the turn-key service, all these bills are sorted through ensuring clients are only charged for what they order. Catching and contesting wrongful charges can save hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • I&D Coordination:  Hiring the right I&D company is can make or break your budget. The right crew, with the right supervision, will ensure your trade show display is set on-time and within budget. Your trade show exhibit company is knowledgeable as to when to use the show official, and when to seek an outside EAC.
  • Logistics: Handling event logistics is a no-brainer when choosing the turn-key option. Your exhibit company will ensure your freight is in on-time, and utilizing the best cost saving solution.
  • Storage: On-site storage should be a staple whether you are using turn-key services or not. Accessibility to your trade show booth components cuts down on handling costs, and allows for quick access to your properties when you need them.


The final attribute to a turn-key solution is essentially the most important: less headaches. Turn-key service by its own definition means everything is handled for you: the good, the bad and the ugly. No longer do you need to fight with show officials to place a claim on damaged items. No more calling frantically to locate your truck. No need to worry about ensuring you are not paying too much for your services. All this is handled for you. So if you’re comfortable with handing over the reins and cutting down your work-load, then turn-key exhibit services may be the right solution for you.

Loran Associates has been providing exhibit design and fabrication for more than 20 years to hundreds of clients nationwide and provides many of them with turn-key show services. Check out our testimonials to see how happy clients are with Loran Associates, and get an idea of the incredible things they can do for you.

Cutting Edge Materials for Retail and Corporate Interiors

When designing corporate or retail interiors, the goal is to create a space that both reflects the personality of the company and serves a particular function.  One without the other is not good design. Recently there have been numerous products entering the marketplace that are functional but have unusual properties that make them unique. Below are a few that we think would create unique and beautiful interiors.

Light Transmitting Concrete and Wood

Concrete is a popular choice for construction; it’s sturdy, adaptable and inexpensive. But it can look weighty and make a space feel small and cold. LiTraCon has developed an astounding material that combines poured concrete with optical fibers creating solid blocks that can transmit light. The resulting effect can be either static or moving.


Because the fibers are so thin they do not affect the structural integrity of the blocks so the applications for retail and corporate interiors are many.  Still or animated images could be projected onto a floor from below, eliminating the shadows created by people and objects when projected from above.  The movement of people behind a wall would create beautiful patterns of shadows.

For a more elegant and refined look, Luminoso is using similar technology to create wood panels. Fiber optics are embedded between layers of solid wood giving a subtle striped appearance.  The panels operate in the same way as the concrete blocks, transmitting whatever light is on the other side.   The resulting panels can be used for walls, furniture or anything else constructed from wood.


Smart Glass

Glass is a necessary material for almost any interior. It allows light to pass, does not obscure sight lines and presents a physical barrier to noise, the elements, and other people. The transparency of glass is a big part of its appeal but can be an issue when privacy is a concern. Smart glass, a liquid crystal membrane sandwiched between glass panes, can address this problem. At the click of a remote, the glass transforms from crystal clear to opaque.


It is easy to see how this material could be used in both retail interiors and corporate interiors. A conference room can share its great view with the whole office until privacy is needed. Fitting rooms can go opaque when in use but transparent when not, eliminating the need to knock on the door to see if it is occupied. By turning the transparency of panels on and off, displays can be highlighted. And a pattern of transparency changes would make for an eye-catching window.

Temperature Sensitive Tiles

Like a mood ring for your room, temperature sensitive tiles respond to fluctuations in temperature by changing color. Available in both glass and ceramic, they can be used as accents or to create an entire surface that reacts to heat.


The organic nature of the change when caused by ambient temperature is beautiful and will always be different. Additionally, color change can be caused by direct application of heat by touch or light sources allowing for creation of patterns or images.

Color changing, heat activated paint is also available but is better suited to individual objects than for an entire wall as it’s effect is more subtle. It can also be used to add details to a wall that appear during the day and disappear at night or when the temperature drops. 


Although designed for pathways, Starpath from Pro-Teq is a spray on coating that can be used on concrete, wood or any hard surface. It absorbs light during the day and releases it at night creating a glowing effect that looks like a field of stars.


The added benefit is energy savings.  It reduces the need for emergency lighting in office spaces and can create incredible nighttime effects in a retail store.

This sample of the innovative materials available gives an idea of how few limits there are to creativity in design.  It takes an experienced team to utilize the newest materials to deliver cutting-edge but functional interiors.  To talk with one of our experts about creating the ideal corporate or retail interior, contact us.