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Interior Impact: Creating the Right First Impression

A corporate interior is a reflection of a company’s vision, experience, stability and knowledge. A potential client can gauge interest in mere moments while simply waiting in the reception area. With so much looming on an office’s interior aesthetic, how do you know if you’ve got it right?

While there are many facets to creating a corporate interior, here are a few simple steps to ensure you are on the right path:

  1. Know Your Identity:If you are a young, hip firm looking to make a splash, then that’s how you should look. Don’t make your interior look old and stuffy. Use bright color paint, fresh modern art and innovative furnishings playing on unique styles and shapes. On the other hand, if you are a stoic, conservative company, make sure your interior reflects that. Clean, classic tones with rich, professional furnishings help evoke a sense of professionalism, trust and experience.interior5
  2. Let Your Reception Area Tell Your Story:
    The reception area is pivotal. This is where clients spend uninterrupted minutes to meet your company for the first time so you need to make a good impression. Using the ideas in the first step, ensure your reception area visually defines you. Show examples of your work, or showcase awards and recognition in your industry. Most importantly, make it a comfortable space. Provide beverages, magazine or television to make the wait as relaxing as possible. One client ran daily content of current news within their company like new advancements in services, upcoming events, and also personal notes about employees. This was a perfect blend of showcasing the company’s commitment to advancements in their industry, while still emphasizing its appreciation of their employees – a perfect first impression.
  3. Sweat the Small Stuff: While reception areas and conference rooms may be the most visited, they aren’t the only places clients will visit. Attention needs to be paid to every area where clients will likely visit such as the cafeteria and the restrooms. Nothing is worse than being in a gorgeous building than entering a dirty, unattended restroom. Ensure your visitor’s experience is consistent throughout their visit.interior4
  4. Be Your Best Client: I work in a visual industry where a picture is worth a thousand words. It is my rule the only art to be placed on the walls is a reflection of the work my company has done. Clients walk through our hallways and are immersed in a visual tour of our knowledge and experience without needing to say a word – allowing our work to do the talking. If your industry is not visual, find art that reflects your field. One of our clients, specializing in detection equipment, used an images of common items as seen through a piece of their equipment, blew it up, printed it on canvas, museum mounted the print and art was born.interior3
  5. Don’t forget your employees: Research has proven an office’s environment effects employee’s productivity and morale. Creating a comfortable environment decreases stress and increases effectiveness. Providing open work spaces where peers can gather to discuss business or providing wellness and relaxation areas all reflect a company with consideration for its employee’s well-being. This, in turn, reflects positively on the company by both its employees and its clients. Happy, productive employees create an atmosphere of an environment you want to be a part of. This impacts the client both consciously, and subconsciously, to want to be a part of your business.interior2

These simple steps can be accomplished in any size space and with any budget, and can be used to effectively represent the image of your company to clients and visitors making the perfect first impression.

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